About us

The "TRANSAID - foundation for children with cancer" -   founded in the year 2007 supports public healthcare. The creation of the foundation was encouraged by Professor Fritz H. Lampert. The impressive achievements of Tour der Hoffnung (Tour of hope) actually initiated the creation. To this day the "Tour of hope" and Professor Lampert provide very important support for TRANSAID in many ways.

The mission of the foundation is put into practice through sponsorship and further education of foreign medics, scientists and qualified personnel in the field of pediatric oncohematology as well as through sponsorship of scientific projects and support of children and adolescents with oncological and hematological affections.

Great progress has bee made in the recent past concerning the diagnostics and therapy in the pediatric oncohematology. Although the intensified hospital modernisation and newly equipping with medical equipment abroad provide adequate conditions; they are alone insufficient for an optimal patient care according to the newest scientific insight. For this reason special further education measures of the medical personnel are needed. This task will be partially adopted by the foundation, since the financing of such measures are not sufficiently incorporated in the modernisation - budgets.  We are planning training in special areas in Germany and accompanying training courses with German specialists on-site. The foundation bears the expenses especially for:

1. deployment of German specialists abroad for teaching of the local personnel;

2. training meausures for qualified personnel at German clinics;

3. direct sponsoring of scientific projects;

4. several measures within a therapy of children and adolescents with oncological and hematological affections.                  

Moreover, the foundation supports through donations and/or donations in kind within the mission of the foundation.


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