TRANSAID finances ambulant flats in Moscow

An almost ordinary cheerful child - in one of the ambulant flats in Moscow

Within the scope of the Cooperation Agreement between TRANSAID and the russian foundation "Grant Life" the TRANSAID foundation will bear the expenses and finances 3 ambulant flats for patients and their parents in Moscow.

Until the completion of the new Pediartic oncohematology Cenres in the year 2011 the situation in Moscow (and in Russia) for ambulant therapy is catastrophic.

Living space in Moscow is extremely expensive so an ambulant therapy could be doomed alone by the costs. Otherwise a child who could be treated ambulantly has to occupy a stationary hospital bed in a hospital, therewith taking away from a critically ill child the chance for a stationary bed in a hospital, taking away the chance for survival.

The flats are provided for children with cancer and their parents who are being treated in the oncohematological department of the Russian Clinical pediatric hospital (RKKK). The children come for the most part with severe forms of hematological affection from all Russian regions for therapy to Moscow. The therapy takes at least a year and if there are no complications the child can spend most of his time in a normal environment with his parents.

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