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a foundation for children suffering from cancer

A little patient with his mother and Chulpan Hamatova (right) - russian actress and co-founder of our partner foundation "Grant life".
A little patient at the Children´s day in Moscow

To save a life that just begun.

A cancer diagnosis - it is always a tragedy.  It is all the more incomprehensible when a child is affected, a small innocent being who doesn´t even understand what is happening. The parents are desperate, yet there is a justified hope for convalescence: contrary to the cancer cases by the adults over 70% of cancer cases by children can be cured!

But good news are mostly followed by bad ones: in many countries there is a lack of funds and possibilities for child´s therapy. The efficient drugs are extremely expensive and the medical education is often insufficient also none the last due to the lack of funds.

A flap of a butterfly´s wings can cause a tornado. The smallest donation can save life, grant life.

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